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Our client is revolutionizing the agriculture industry with ML & AI technology.       

Will Be Doing

  • Create, deploy, and enhance computer vision and machine learning algorithms for robotic systems.
  • Train, validate, and roll out tailored machine learning models on embedded platforms.
  • Innovate and craft advanced 3D perception algorithms.
  • Investigate emerging vision-centric sensors and technologies.
  • Engineer bespoke architectures for vision-driven autonomy.
  • Coordinate with diverse teams to seamlessly integrate algorithmic technology into our offerings.
  • Develop and upkeep code documentation, unit tests, and comprehensive system test suites.



What You Will Need

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, or a relevant discipline
  • 5+ years of expertise, particularly within robotics or autonomous systems
  • Proficiency in C++, Python, and/or other programming languages utilized in robotics and perception
  • In-depth understanding of monocular and stereo vision technologies
  • Familiarity with various deep learning architectures pertinent to 3D vision
  • Hands-on experience training multi-head deep learning architectures
  • Robust foundation in machine learning modeling, with a focus on object detection and segmentation
  • Extensive knowledge in classical computer vision algorithms and multiview geometry
  • Proficiency in camera calibration techniques
  • Mastery of intricate rotations and frame transformations
  • Exceptional problem-solving aptitude and adeptness in dynamic work environments
  • Effective verbal and written communication abilities


Nice to Have

  • Proficiency in crafting computer vision and perception systems tailored for intricate, safety-focused autonomous platforms such as “robotaxis,” autonomous trucks, and agricultural machinery.
  • Competence in employing sensor fusion methodologies to bolster positional precision through the integration of data from diverse sensors like IMUs, LiDAR, and cameras.
  • Proficiency in establishing scalable training workflows in cloud environments.
  • Familiarity with ROS2 and TensorRT frameworks.
  • Mastery in calibrating LiDAR, RADAR, multi-camera setups, and/or multi-sensor arrays.
  • Background in formulating algorithms tailored for agricultural applications.
  • Hands-on experience in operating agricultural machinery and farm apparatus.



Why Us

Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive Salary : $200K-$250K per Year

Full Health, Vision, and Dental Coverage

REF: JOB-4319

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Remote
    • Date posted:
    • Salary:$200000 - $250000 per Year